Monday, 6 June 2011


My collage final major project was on transparency after alot of blood swat and tears it is done. I am veryy happy with the result but at the same time very glad to see the back of it!! Here is a little of the work i did for it, in no perticular order.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Summer shirt

For my my interview at Bristol interview i was as to reinvent an existing garment. I stole a plain white shirt from my brother and wanted to change it into something summery and feminine i could wear. I used some vintage liberty print fabric my nan gave me as my starting of point and chose a block of orange tie dye to make it really modern. I used my friend Heather as my model with the floral background of Seton park her beach looks really complimented the style of the shirt. I am really happy with the result and am even think of taking it on my summer hols.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hiroshi Tanabe

I have recently discovered the work of Hiroshi Tanabe a Japanese illustrator and think his work is incredible beautiful and fresh. With fantastic colours, a mix of Japanese and vintage style and modern techniques, i have not seen illustrations like them before. I am about to start a new brief in collage and have decided to look at the Japanese cartoon film Spirited away, with this i wanted to look into Japanese culture and art so i will defiantly be using Tanabes work as a reference.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tom Ford S/S

Tom Ford made the controversial choice to not allow his s/s womanswear collection to be posted on the internet unlike most other designers. I do not believe this was a good decision as it makes fashion elitist and is a stroppy stance against the fast moving pace of current technology in fashion. He has now released a video of his collection and it is hard to deny the spectacular beauty in the in the intimate show. Models looked amazing in his glamorous rich pieces especially Karen Elson whose song also played as the soundtrack. Despite initially shunning publicity he is now reaping in the rewards of holding out, helped out by Beyonce closing the show.

Topshop Wishlist

I had previously blogged about the new Topshop lookbook but it seems to have vanished so i am doing it again. Absolutley loved the whole campaigne with the bright colours and cloashing prints.

Want this shirt!
 Want those shorts!

 Want this dress!

 Want this playsuit!

 Want theese shorts!
These are just a few things i want, i also need a fringed komonio and a green suede satchel. I am just off to rob a bank now!!